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You would agree that your money is worth more than it can buy. In an era where finances are often volatile, you need an advisor who can gauge your life’s priorities, understand your lifestyle, balance your needs vis-a-vis your goals, and guide you through the maze of financial planning schemes and investment options. The idea here is not to compromise too much on your current lifestyle and daily needs, but be prepared to postpone some enjoyment today for a better tomorrow. I specialize in customizing financial plans for individuals covering various aspects of personal finance including cash flow management, education planning, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning. I can help you adapt to the changes in the economic market conditions and feel more financially secure about your future. In general, the best results of working with a comprehensive financial planner, from an individual or a family's perspective are: • To create the greatest probability that all financial goals (anything requiring both money and planning to achieve) are accomplished by the target date. • To have a frequently-updated sensible plan that is proactive enough to accommodate any major unexpected financial event that could negatively affect the plan. • To make intelligent financial choices along the way (whether to "buy or lease" whether to "refinance or pay-off" etc.). I can work with you to set realistic financial goals, analyze your requirements along with your strengths and priorities, construct a road map towards attaining these goals and eventually implement the strategies so that you can move on the path towards your fulfillment. Reviewing the performance of the financial plan is as important as choosing a correct investment option, and I can monitor this aspect too. If financial planning is one arm of the weighing scale, then the other arm has to be taking out an insurance and covering yourself for unforeseen difficulties. Options like life insurance and Mediclaim not only secure your beloved family but also give you the confidence in yourself, not to mention a sound sleep at night. We all know how harrowing an experience it can be when one has to sacrifice and liquidate meticulously planned investments to pay for a big medical bill. Planning ahead can save you the trouble. I can help you in selecting the right policies in this regard. Let me help you plan your finances so that you can build a lasting relationship with your hard earned money. P. P. Pathak Insurance & Financial Ad visor Tel No: 020 25447916 Mob No: 9822174369 Mail ID: pramodprabhakar10@rediffmail.com Web: http://www.pppathak.com Mobile web : http://m.pppathak.com
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